CRM: Holy Grail or Unnecessary Complexity

If you’ve been in business for any length of time then no doubt you’ll have been told you need a CRM (Client/Customer Relationship Management) System.

CRM systems are a central repository for all the information you have on an individual client. Everything from what they’ve bought, the key people in their organisation, customer service interactions with them, emails you’ve sent/received.

It means that when anyone needs to deal with that client they can see the full picture first – rather than give your client the painful experience of your right hand not knowing what your left hand is doing.

Traditionally, CRM systems have been the domain of big businesses where very many individuals deal with a client so it’s vital to keep them all on the same page and aware of what everyone else is doing. This is the domain of “big CRM” like

but in recent years, many smaller CRM systems have arisen, designed for small businesses to use just to keep all their info on clients in one place and to provide simple functionality for analysing your sales pipeline and history of interactions with a client.

Examples of smaller CRM systems include Capsule CRM, Zoho and One Page CRM.

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